Ultra-S3® Creates a Safer Workplace and Environment by Eliminating Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) poses significant dangers to workers in industrial settings such as wastewater treatment plants, paper mills, and similar facilities. The most immediate threat is its highly toxic nature, capable of causing rapid and severe health effects even at low concentrations.

Exposure to elevated levels of H2S can lead to acute respiratory distress, eye irritation, and nausea, while prolonged or high-dose exposure can result in more serious consequences, including loss of consciousness, respiratory failure, and, in extreme cases, death.

The distinctive odor of hydrogen sulfide, often described as resembling rotten eggs, plays a crucial role in alerting workers to its presence. However, despite its recognizable smell, it can still be challenging to detect in certain conditions, such as when concentrations are low or when workers are continuously exposed to the odor, leading to a phenomenon known as olfactory fatigue.

H2S poses additional safety challenges due to its tendency to accumulate in confined spaces. Workers may unknowingly enter areas with dangerously high H2S concentrations, and while the odor can serve as an initial warning, reliance on it alone may not be sufficient to prevent accidents. Thus, specialized monitoring equipment remains vital in ensuring the safety of workers in such environments.

Far too often, facilities that produce H2S as a byproduct of their normal operations fail to provide workers with adequate H2S monitoring systems, equipment, or training.

  • In 2019, an energy company employee entered a pump station where he died almost instantly from overwhelming H2S exposure. His wife also died when she entered the same building to look for him later the same night. The company was found to have violated basic H2S safety protocols.
  • In 2022, a 27-year-old man died four days after being exposed to high levels of hydrogen sulfide at a waste treatment plan in Ohio.
  • Also in 2022, two men died at an animal byproduct-rendering plant after exposure to high levels of H2S. The company was cited for H2S safety violations.
Test Data from Ultra-S3® Pilot Treatment in VA

Ultra-S3® Saves Lives.

Ultra-S3® removes deadly hydrogen sulfide from water and air, making facilities that produce the deadly gas much, much safer. And we’ve got the data to prove it.

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